Book Club’s “The Holdouts: A Buddy Lock Thriller”

Twin Cities Live’s Book Club has been going strong for seven years. In short, a hundred TCL’ers gather together several times throughout the year to share dinner and drinks while talking about the latest book selection. But that’s not all. That’s also where they find out about the next pick, before viewers at home find out. Last week, James Tucker’s “The Holdouts: A Buddy Lock Thriller” was offered up as the book club’s latest bit of homework. And we’d encourage you at home to read along with us. The local author, who works full time at Target and is a married father of two, assures readers that they don’t need to have read the first book in his series before reading his latest. Instead, they can just pick this one up and get easily up to speed.

If you’d like to purchase “The Holdouts: A Buddy Lock Thriller” you can click here.

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