American Idol Top Five

Five contestants remain on season 20 of American Idol! Minnesota Live producer, Lauren Andrego, is here to break down the latest episode for us.

  1. We have a top 5
  • Leah Marlene, Huntergirl, Nicolina, Fritz Hager and Noah Thompson
  • We lost Jay Copeland, a platinum-ticket winner, and Christian Guardino, who was one of her favorites
  • Noah and Fritz had COVID, so neither was able to sing live in-studio


2. Leah Marlene

  • Lauren’s favorite contestant
  • She’s been transforming well-known songs into her own style

3. Fritz Hager

  • Sang two original songs this week
  • He had COVID, must have tested positive very soon before the show, because they had to air his rehearsal performance from the night before.

4. Huntergirl

  • The last platinum ticket winner remaining
  • Potential winner?

5. Noah Thompson

  • Other predicted winner
  • Growth over the season
  • Also got COVID

6. Nicolina

  • Likeable
  • 18 years old!

7. Only two more episodes left!

  • Next week, we’ll get down to three contestants, then the finale
  • Carrie Underwood will be the contestants’ next mentor — they’ll visit her at her Vegas residency!
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