Be Well with TCL: Trial Smile

You take a car out for a test drive. You lay in every bed at the mattress store. But when it comes to your smile and fixing your teeth, wouldn’t it be nice to see the end result before you sit down in the dental chair? It’s happening at Windmiller Distinctive Dentistry in Stillwater. In this Be Well with TCL, Reporter Kelli Hanson takes us there and introduces us to a new kind of smile called Trial Smile.

It’s starts with a before picture, one that Kyndra de St. Auburn wasn’t happy with. Her severe acid reflux was eroding her teeth’s enamel. That was causing pain and her teeth to chip. But with Trial Smile, Kyndra was able to see the smile she had always wanted before any work had been done. A mold is taken of the teeth and then a smile is created out of porcelain. Those veneers then fit over all of the teeth. But before that smile is secure in place, Kyndra wore a temporary mold to make sure they fit her face, her mouth and to make sure her speech wasn’t affected. What she was left with, was a beautiful straight smile and zero sensitivity.

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