TCL in Your Town: The Rock Camp Experience

If you ever dreamt of being a rock star and have always wanted to play the part, now you can. TCL in Your Town takes us to Saint Louis Park where Steve and Kelli found The Rock Camp Experience. It was once “Rock Camp for Dads”, but because Moms can rock too, now anyone can take the stage.

Whether you’re an advanced musician or at a beginner level, The Rock Camp Experience helps to re-ignite the musical passion of adults and boost their confidence to perform in front of a live audience! There are several Rock Camps open all year long, including 2 days mini camps. Check out their Camp Calendar here.

Rock 101 – $279 – 10 hours per month
Rock 101 is our easy-going and informative beginner-level camp. In our relaxed, professional and non-judgmental atmosphere you’ll get to learn the basics of being in a band. Over four rehearsals we will introduce you to the basic concepts of playing live music in a group ensemble. Songs are generally simpler, chosen by the instructor and the band members. Topics covered include: tempo and time signature, song structures and dynamics, band etiquette and proper rehearsal preparation.

Rock 201 – $329 – 10 hours per month
Rock 201 is our intermediate-level camp. Camps are organized by theme, either by artist or music genre. Songs are often a bit more intricate, but fitting band members’ skill level. In a relaxed atmosphere and continuing to refine skills introduced in Rock 101, Rock 201 camps design their own 30-munte set list and have an in-studio performance party for their invited friends and family after their fourth rehearsal.

Rock 301 – $399 – 10 hours per month
Rock 301 is our advanced-level camp. Like the 201 camps, Rock 301 camps are organized by theme, either by artist or genre. The goal of Rock 301 is to utilize all skills learned in Rock 101 and 301 and to refine 40 minute set to be performed at our monthly showcase at a local music venue.

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