REM5 Virtual Reality Laboratory

Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson has been hanging out in Saint Louis Park all week as we celebrate the people that live there in our TCL in Your Town series. On Wednesday we found her showing off her roller skating skills at The Roller Garden, a building that has called Saint Louis Park home since 1929. It’s one of the town’s oldest businesses, and now Kelli takes us to one of the newest. REM5 VR Lab opened in the Fall of 2018 and is 6,000 square feet of pure fun. What Kelli found out was this Virtual Reality studio is great for gamers, and also for mom’s who never play video games.

REM5 is popular for corporate events, birthday parties and team building. Pricing is a flat rate per pod, per period of time, with unlimited use of one Vive Pro headset and full access to their library of experience. Click here for a detailed price list.

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