PAB’s Packs

Pia Phillips and Abbie Nelson are teenagers who are making a big impact. The best friends started PAB’s Packs, a non-profit that gives back to teens who are ill in the hospital. The backpacks are stylish, but it’s what’s inside that really helps.

Pia and Abbie were both sick and in the hospital. One was dealing with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and the other with Type 1 Diabetes. When they were in the hospital, they realized they needed comfort in forms of entertainment and certain items. So, they decided they would help other teens. In 2015, PAB’s Packs was born. The non-profit is named after their names combined.

The backpacks have things like notebooks, stress balls, lotion, blankets and even a soft stuffed animal inside. They work with multiple hospitals and camps to distribute the bags. To date, more than 1,500 PAB’s Packs have been donated.

To learn more about buying and donating to PAB’s Packs, click here.

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