Organizing Projects

So you have resolved to finally cut the clutter in your life and get organized in 2019 and decided to get motivated by binge watching the Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Why not make TV time productive and actually get a project done while you learn some new ideas. The Minnesota chapter of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing professionals (NAPO) offers these easy steps to get you started.

Kid’s Artwork – While everyone thinks their child’s creative expressions are exceptional, the truth is not every single drawing, craft project or diorama is worth holding onto. During Marie’s counsel to arrange clothing so they rise to the right, use a sealable bin to your right for holding the best of the best and on your left load up a stack of large envelopes pre-addressed to Grammys and Papas so those masterpieces can be enjoyed by loving relatives. And yes, in the middle, keep a recycle bag for the marginal items. Have your phone handy to take quick snapshots of the 3-D creations, so you can keep the memories and let go of the cereal, candy and pasta laden pieces.

Photos – Whether old timey photographs or digital images, we can all agree we have enough blurred, poorly lit, unknown persons photos and just bad images to fill a large garbage bin. While Marie is talking about how to fold your sox, take a box of photographs and one at a time make just one decision – keep or go. Those that go, toss into the trash or hit the delete button. For those to keep place in another photo box labeled “sorted to keep”. You’ve freed up space both in your closet and phone.

Holiday Cards – Instead of storing a huge stack of holiday greeting cards to review till next December, follow the DO IT NOW strategy and take action while vegging on the couch. As Marie tutors you on what to do with mystery cords, you can transfer photo cards into albums, note new addresses in your contacts and generally cull down cards that were nice to receive but hold no lasting need. While you’re at it, you can easily create new holiday postcards by cutting off the fronts of cards with attractive designs, saving you both time and money for next year’s holiday chore.

Completing these small projects will be an added motivator for getting the rest of your life de-cluttered and organized in 2019. If you need assistance with any de-cluttering and/or organizing project, choose the right professional organizer for you at Find an Organizer. For more information on these tips or NAPO Minnesota, contact Louise Kurzeka, NAPO-MN Director of Marketing at 952-939-8080 or

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