DIY Zipper Bracelet

TCL’s go-to crafty gal and MyTalk 107.1, Alexis Thompson, stopped by with a fun zipper bracelet project for Valentine’s Day.

Make it at home!

Zipper Bracelets:
-Metal Ribbon Crimps
-Jump Rings
-Epoxy Glue
-Jewelry Pliers


1. Cut the zipper to your desired length (standard is 7 inches) and make sure to include the length of your clasp and findings.
2. Zip both sides up and remove the zipper.
3.Cut the fabric on both sides of the zipper.
4. Attach ribbon crimp to one side using epoxy glue.
5. Separate the sides of the zipper on the opposite end and thread on the zipper to at least halfway.
6. Then secure the second ribbon clasp. Allow time for the glue to dry.
7. Use jump rings to attach the charms.
8. Give to your Valentine (or keep for yourself)!

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