Questions for a Realtor with Desrochers Realty Group

Julie and Daniel Desrochers from Desrochers Realty Group and EXP Realty share the questions you should be asking a realtor before they help you buy or sell a home.

Their thoughts are below!

1) Do you have a team or are you a part of a team? The real estate industry has gotten much more complex over the years, a lot more goes into selling a home today than it did in the past. When selling your home you need to work with a team that can take care of every aspect of the transaction and do each of those tasks well. For example we have listing coordinators that are way more detailed than I am that are going to do a great job of getting all the details and features of your home advertised on the MLS, they are going to write a much better description about the home than I ever could. The agent that is doing it all themselves is going to have a hard time providing the level of service that a team can. It’s the old saying Jack of all trades, master of nothing. My job is to advise you on how to best sell prepare your home and sell it for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. We focus on helping you do that by advising and negotiating, not taking our own pictures of your home. 2) Do you provide 24/7 availability? This is so important in the fast-paced world we live in today. Consumers want to be able to get a hold of someone when they are calling on your house, they want to send an email and get a quick response not wait 24 hours to hear back from someone. The realtor that is listing your home needs to offer this because if someone calls or emails on your home with a question or wanting to see the house and they don’t get a hold of someone or hear back in a timely response that buyer will move on to the next house or reach out to another realtor that doesn’t know anything about your home and is not motivated to sell that buyer your home. 3) Do you have a written marketing plan? When meeting with a realtor they should have something written down and visual that will help you understand all the marketing at is going to be performed to help sell your home. Your agent should be marketing the home on every home search website out there. If a home search site like Zillow or offers upgraded advertising your realtor should be paying for that. Your realtor should be advertising your home on social media websites like Facebook and Linkedin and actually running ads for your home, not just posting it for only your followers to see. The better your home is marketed, the more buyers will see it and the more people you will have through the door resulting in a higher offer. 4) Do you have a professional photographer that takes the photos of our home? This is a must. Pictures of your home are the first thing a buyer will see, they need to be professional and of high quality. You need to work with a realtor that has a professional photographer take the pictures, it can’t be the realtor taking the pictures. If you have bad pictures of your property all your other marketing efforts are not going to be successful. Depending on your home their should also be the option to have a 360 degree tour done and drone photography. 5) Do you have a marketing department? So, we just talked about the written marketing plan, next questions is do you have a marketing department. With all the different marketing avenues and the fast-paced nature in which marketing trends and social media changes it is impossible for a single agent to keep up on all that is changing and do a good job of getting your property in front of as many buyers as possible. Your realtor should have someone that works with them or someone they contract out to take care of those things so they are done correctly and properly, and your realtor can focus on helping you through the process and negotiating and advising.

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