Coffee with Cool People: Ben Leber

Former Minnesota Vikings linebacker Ben Leber is a familiar face to Twin Cities Live viewers. The athlete-turned broadcaster has guest-hosted the show many times. But despite his numerous appearances, he and Twin Cities Live co-host Steve Patterson have never met each other. That all changed when the two sat down over a cup of joe in our series “Coffee with Cool People”, presented by our friends at Cub. The conversation spanned several topics. Leber answers honestly when asked about his weakness in parenting, making an admission many parents can relate with. But perhaps the most surprising takeaway from his chat with Patterson centered on his career in the NFL. If you think that all pro football players have an overflow of confidence once they make it into the National Football League, Leber would say you’re wrong. So just how many years did it take before he felt like he was good enough to play in the league? And what keeps him connected to his wife, as they manage three kids, three dogs and a cat?

To check out Ben’s podcast “Unrestricted with Ben Leber” where he interviewed Steve Patterson, click here.

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