Hand Tied Flower Bouquet

Home and Garden Expert Larry Pfarr stopped by the TCL studio with some tips on how to make hand tied flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day.

Materials needed:
-Assorted cut flowers and greens
-Floral preservative
-Raffia or Bind Wire
-Scissors or Pruners


1. Make sure vase is clean
2. Use floral preservative in the water
3. Prep flowers by removing lower leaves
4. Choose your first flower and hold in your hand vertically. All additional flowers and foliage will be added at at 45-degree angle just above it. Give the arrangement a slight turn after each flower or foliage is added.
5. Once everything is in place add some foliage around the base to almost give it a collar
6. Tie arrangement with raffia or bind wire
7. Cut arrangement to desired length and add ribbon

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