Black Owned Businesses

Jesse Ross is a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant, executive coach, and an international speaker.  Jesse offers training, workshops, evaluations, assessments, and strategy development for schools, businesses, and organizations. He shares four black-owned businesses that he thinks you need to know about.

  1. Lamour Hair
  • Minnesota salon that specializes in extensions and wigs
  • Also created hair moisturizing products
  • Salon in Bloomington, MN
  • Hair products available online
  1. Homegrown
  • The Homegrown Company, is an online retailer
  • Founded in 2014 by Johnathan Johnson.
  • His mission was to develop a brand that showed his passion for his home state.
  • His designs allow you to showcase your pride for your favorite professional sports teams, Colleges and Universities.
  • Shirts are $25
  1. Bros-code
  • Brothers and business partners
  • A line of natural home and self care products
  • They make room spray and bathroom spray
  1. Intentional Drip
  • Company owned by Jesse
  • This coffee that is meant to start a conversation
  • Supporting the black community is something that companies may not always do but coffee is something that companies will always have.  The goal is for Intentional Drip to keep the conversation going in break rooms and between friends
  • Sign up now be the first to get it, will be available to public on February 28th
  • There are 4 different blends of coffee to choose from.
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