LearningRX Celebrates 10 Years

If you or your child struggle with attention span, focusing for longer periods of time or even memory loss, you may chalk it up to a learning disability. Many adults blame just getting older. But for a decade now, the LearningRX program has proved the root of the issue is often the brain. It’s why here in the Twin Cities, brain trainers have dedicated countless hours to helping people overcome these challenges. In February, LearningRX published a new study in the Journal of Psychology and Neuroscience which confirmed that the program improves cognitive skills for people age 50 to 95. The study also showed improved memory, focus, mood, problem solving, driving, and confidence. For several years, Twin Cities Live has brought your stories of how the program has been life changing for many families. Reporter Kelli Hanson takes a look back.

Call (952) 949-6900 and mention Twin Cities Live to get an initial assessment for $75. That’s regularly priced at $199.

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