Hidden Tech Features

TCL Tech Producer Christian Unser shared hidden features you might not know you have built in to your iPhone and PC!

Magnifying Glass: On your iPhone, click on Settings>General>Accessibity and turn Magnifier to ON. Now if you triple-tap the Home button (or the side button on a iPhone X or later), you’ll open the special Magnifier app.

Google Tricks:

If you get the “Dinosaur” error page on Google when you don’t have internet access, hit the Spacebar to play a special game. The internet might not work but at least you can have some fun! Even if you have internet access, you can click here to try the game too.

If you have a picture that you want to Google, you can drag it to the search bar at images.google.com and use it instead of search terms!

If you want to start a timer, just go to Google and type in “five minute timer” or whatever duration you need and a timer will begin!

On Windows computers, when typing in a Word document or on a website, you can use an ALT-CODE to enter special characters. Just hold down the ALT key on your keyboard (on either side of the space bar) and use your keypad to type in the code. For example, ALT-0153 inserts the ™ symbol. For a list of alt codes, click here.

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