What’s App’ning: iPads

Tablets, specifically iPads, are always a hot gift idea.  If you got one for Christmas, you might not know where to even start.  Minnesota Live Producer, Lauren Andrego, points you in the right direction!

Remove Apps from Your Home Screen

-Hold down an app to edit your page, then choose “remove from home screen.”
-Apple now automatically organizes them and puts them on the last page.
-Now you won’t have to sift through pages of apps to find what you need.

Save Entire Web Pages Like a Screenshot

-When you’re on the webpage, take one screenshot.
-Then click on the thumbnail and select “Full Page.”
-Your page will stay in Files, and will be accessible forever, even if you aren’t on WiFi, or if the page is taken down.

Sign Documents Digitally and Save Your Signatures

-When you’re sent a document, save it to your photos.
-Find it in photos, tap “edit” then tap the pencil icon.
-Now at the bottom, click the plus button and choose to add a new signature.
-On ipad, this is super easy.
-Next time you choose to add a signature, yours will already be there.

Use Augmented Reality to Try Out Furniture

-Wayfair and Ikea are two of the best apps for this feature
-I used “Ikea Space” to test drive some chairs for the Creative Services office

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