Keeley Norton’s Book Recommendations

Previously, we met Keeley back in October 2021.  She is not only a life-long book lover, she also has a community on Instagram of nearly 20,000 followers where she posts book reviews and creates images using all of her books.  Follow Keeley on Instagram @moonlight_bookclub.

Keeley gives us her recommendations for novels she says are worth checking out.

  • Give a Girl a Knife: A food memoir following a northern Minnesotan woman’s journey from her rural hometown to New York City’s fine dining (MN author, food memoir, Keeley’s current read)
  • Chasing the Boogeyman: an extremely realistic thriller in a creative style that feels like true crime even though it’s fictional (perfect for anyone who loves true crime podcasts or documentaries)
  • Crying in H Mart: a beautiful memoir about grief, identity, and mother-daughter relationships, written by the lead singer of the band Japanese Breakfast (quick read, emotional, Goodreads 2021 Book of the Year for Memoir!)
  • The Four Winds: a historical fiction novel taking place during the Texas Dust Bowl and Great Depression, centering on themes of family, hope, survival, and the American dream (historical fiction, family-oriented, beautiful writing)
  • Finlay Donovan Is Killing It: a hilarious mystery-thriller about a struggling and stressed out single mom who is mistaken as a hit woman and inadvertently falls into the world of organized crime (with a sequel coming out Feb. 1) (humor-thriller, fast-paced, sequel coming soon)
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