TCL In Your Town: Shoreview Map Crafts

Our DIY gal, Alexis Thompson of MyTalk 107.1 stopped by with a DIY magnet and coaster craft.


-Mod Podge or white school glue
-E6000 epoxy glue or hot glue
-Flat glass marbles (for the magnets)
-Small plastic containers and embellishments for the shaker magnets
-Cork roll (for the coasters)
-Foam brush


1. Use foam brush to apply Mod Podge to image and back of flat glass marble and press together.

2. Allow to dry. Then cut around the edge at an angle from the back. Mod Podge the image on the back. Allow to dry and apply the magnet with E6000 epoxy glue or hot glue.

3. For the shaker magnet, cut the image to fit inside the plastic container. Adhere the image to the bottom of the container and apply a magnet with E6000 epoxy or hot glue. Allow to dry.

4. For the coaster, apply Mod Podge on the cork and back of image and allow to dry. Apply another thin layer over the top and start coasting.

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