3 Energy Hacks for the New Year

Kristen Brown, Speaker and Energy Master Expert, gives us three energy hacks for the new year. An energy hack is something you can do right now to shift your body and mind into a more positive state instantly both at work and personally.

  1. Resolution Recharge – When you start to lose your motivation on your new year goals, try these tricks to get re-inspired and re-engaged.
  2. Stress Buster – We are back to routine after the holidays and that brings the day-to-day stress we all face. Your body is in a heightened fight or flight response so you need to interrupt the physical response to calm the mind down.
  3. Anxiety Reliever – The pandemic continues to create constant change and unknowns which skyrockets anxiety which is overthinking about future changes and what-ifs. When this happens it’s important to get back to the present moment and get grounded back in your body and mind.
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