Be Well with TCL: Healing InSight Acupuncture Membership

You get your hair cut every month, you typically get your teeth cleaned every 6-months, you get your oil changed every 5,000 miles. But how often are you taking the time for an acupuncture nap? Our friends over at Healing InSight have started a new membership program. An acupuncture membership is like a monthly massage or facial, but so much more! Acupuncture balances your whole body so you’ll get sick less, sleep better, feel less stressed, have more energy, balance your hormones and you could be less likely to gain weight.

1. Basic Wellness
1 acupuncture treatment per month
10% off
Starting at $72 a month

2. Optimal Wellness
2 acupuncture treatments per month
12% off
Starting at $140 a month

• Upgrade service anytime to bodywork, Women’s Renewal Retreat, cosmetic etc.
• 10% off ALL other services all month (bodywork, cosmetic, etc.)
• Rollover or transfer a session once per year

Membership Deal!
Current patients: 50% off your first month’s membership using promo code MEMBER50
New patients $100 off your acupuncture intro package using promo code NEW100
Deal good through the month of March

Click here for Membership Details.

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