Selling Your Home in the Spring

If you are toying with the idea of selling your home this spring, now is actually a great time to get a few things done around the house to prepare.  Julie and Daniel Desrochers from Desrochers Realty Group and EXP Realty share their list to get your home market ready.

Fluff and Buff

  • A lot of times we suggest doing what we call a Fluff and Buff
  • This is updating things that are easier to update throughout the house.
  • It’s not remodeling but more of an overall update.
  • A lot of these things can be done by the homeowner and you do not have to hire a contractor
  • Includes things like
    • Painting
      • Switching to a neutral color and refreshing paint up, touch ups,
    • Updating dated light fixtures
      • Switching out things like builder grade lights, flush mounts (boob lights)
    • Updating Hardware
      • Door knobs/levers, cabinet hardware
      • If it is out of date or in a dated finish, fixing out with something more modern.
    • Replace flooring
      • Old carpet, that is worn out or stained
      • Bold color carpet or dated carpet
      • Replacing chopped up different types of flooring with one consistent type, makes spaces feel larger.
    • Remove heavy window treatments
      • You want to show off windows.
      • Want as much light as possible coming into the home.

Declutter & Minimize Belongings

  • Start decluttering and getting rid of things.
  • Sellers wait too long to do this and then never get all of it done.
    • The winter is the perfect time to work on this.
  • Donate, sell and pack
  • Rent a storage unit or a pod if you need to get things out of your house
    • We work with a company that will come out and move everything for you into a storage vault.
  • You want to de-clutter every area of your home.
    • Closets, basement, storage rooms and garages.
    • If people look in closets or storage rooms and see them completely full they may worry that there is not enough storage.
    • For items that are left, make sure they are nicely organized.
    • When buyers see everything organized it shows that you take care of your possessions and will mean that you likely took good care of the house.

Repairs and Maintenance Items

  • Make sure everything is in working order and good shape.
  • We often see things like humidifiers on furnaces not working or toilets that are running.
    • You want to get those things fixed, it can lead people to worry that there are other things in the house that do not work.
  • Repair cracked tiles, leaky faucets, etc.
  • Touch up chipped paint on enameled woodwork, baseboards and trim.
  • Fixing items preemptively may prevent having to renegotiate more after the buyer performs an inspection.
  • If a buyer has to fix something they will most likely try to negotiate more than it will actually cost to fix the item up front.
  • If you have to have a contractor come in and repair something, having time to book someone when they are slow or not having to get a contractor in on a rush job could save you money.
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