All is Calm

What is a miracle? Is it something supernatural created by a cosmic being, is it an inexplicable event the defies scientific laws, or is it something we ourselves can create if we just really try?

For the past 15 years Theater Latte Da has been performing what may be the most unknown miracle you never knew about. The Christmas truce of 1914, where thousands of World War I German and allied soldiers put down their arms to celebrate Christmas together. In 2018, they performed it off Broadway and last year PBS broadcast it for the whole nation to see. TCL Photographer Drew Schingen takes us to the Ritz to see a true Christmas miracle.

Peter Rothstein, Theater Latte Da’s Founding Artistic Director hopes to one day perform All is Calm in the Western Front as well as England where the war had a profound effect.

Tickets are still available through Sunday, January 2, 2022.

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