How to Make a Cozy Bedroom

Before you make your bedroom feel more cozy, you have to decide what “cozy” means to you. Megan Meder from The Sitting Room Studio in Excelsior stops by with advice on wall colors, lighting and why you shouldn’t be afraid of wallpaper!

Megan’s tips are below: Tip #1: Dark Hues People are still afraid to go dark in their bedroom but by simply painting your walls you can easily warm up your room, making your bed the focal point. Works best with large rooms but small rooms you can get away with too as long as there’s a good source of natural light during the day. I usually recommend this for rooms with white trim, white accents like picture frames, and white in the bedding. The contrast adds drama and keeps the room from feeling too dark. Tip #2: Light Neutrals To keep a lighter room scheme be sure to add plenty of layers/texture to keep it from feeling too sterile. The more layering and texture the cozier it will feel. Faux fur throws, knits, even the paneled ceiling adds texture. Tip #3: Lighting Stick to lamps only or wallsconces or reading lights. Stay away from overhead lighting unless it’s on a dimmer, reading lights are much more popular than they used to be, can even have both. Benefits if wall-sconces are maximizing nightstands tabletop space. Many come with plug-in ends, easy-to-install yourself – no need to hardwire as long as you have an outlet handy. Tip #4: Bold Pattern Don’t be afraid of wallpaper. I’ve discussed this before on your show, if you put a fun print on the wall you can keep everything else extremely simple. I recommend going for it with the entire room but even just doing the wall behind the bed adds immediate fun.

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