Succulents Centerpieces

The owner of Lexington Floral & Boutique, Allie Tempelis, stopped by to share how easy it is to make centerpieces with succulents.

Succulent care instructions:

Allow soil to dry completely in between waterings, typically every 2-3 weeks in the winter and 1-2 weeks in the summer depending on the moisture in your home.

When watering your succulents, make sure to water them at the base and not from the top of the plant to avoid damaging the plant.

Succulents need about 2 tablespoons- 1/4 cup of water per succulent depending on the size.

Succulents prefer 6-8 hours of indirect sunlight and do best in West and South facing windows.

If your succulents begin to “stretch out” they need to be in a sunnier spot.

If the succulent petals begin to turn yellow or translucent, they are being over watered. If the succulent petals start to look wrinkly or crispy, they are being under watered.

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