3/22 Movie Trip

Paul McGuire Grimes, creator of Paul’s Trip to the Movies, has three great movies for you to check out.

US (in theaters)

Jordan Peele surprised audiences with his film Get Out. For a comedy actor, he proved he had the knack for directing horror while adding a social commentary not often found in the genre. He cements his voice in the genre with his new film Us. Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke, both of whom starred in Black Panther, play a married couple who take their kids on a summer vacation to a beach home in Santa Cruz. As a kid Adelaide, suffered severe PTSD after an incident in a fun house on the Santa Cruz beach. Being back where it all began makes her a bit cautious about returning. The family heads to the beach again to meet up with some friends when their son, Jason, wanders off and runs into some odd people at the beach. Later that night, Adelaide and her family are the victims of a home invasion after a family is seen standing at the end of their driveway. As they slowly approach the house, it is revealed that this family are doppelgangers of Adelaide and her family.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? A horror masterpiece for the new age. Cannot wait to see what Peele will come up with his next film.


GLORIA BELL (in theaters)

Julianne Moore is one of the greatest actresses working today. She’s proven with films like Boogie Nights, The Hours, and Still Alice that she can tackle emotionally rich and complex women. She stars as the title character in Gloria Bell. It’s written and directed by Sebastián Lelio and is an American remake of his 2013 Chilean film, Gloria. Gloria is a middle-aged divorced woman navigating a new chapter of her life. Her children are all grown up starting families of their own, and she decides to explore a new romantic relationship with a divorced man played by John Turturro.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? Julianne Moore is always worth the price of admission.



Miles Morales is a young kid who’s been transferred to new private school and has a hard time fitting in. While out late one night creating graffiti in the subway station, he’s bitten by a radioactive spider. He’s suddenly gifted super powers, but he doesn’t quite know what to do with them until he learns about the death of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. He feels the calling to become the new Spider-Man but first needs to go through some training with an unexpected mentor.

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