Outdoor Living & Entertaining with IKEA

Whether you’re looking forward to lounging around outside or hosting friends for midday barbecues as the weather gets nicer, Ross Anderson from IKEA stopped by with great ideas on how to prepare for the spring season.

Tips from IKEA Twin Cities

1.Go Green:

If you love to be indoors, one of the best ways to bring spring in is to fill your home with greenery. Potted plants and table flowers are a great way to give yourself the sense of a new season. Decorative vases and pots can freshen up your home while adding another element of decoration. While they look great inside, potted plants can also liven up any outdoor areas, adding another element to the open air décor.

2.Lighten Up:

Switch up your outdoor lighting and set the mood for the spring season. Swapping out typical light switches for dimmers, giving yourself lighting options, is a relatively simple, yet hugely impactful change. Incorporate string lights into your outdoor décor to add a special touch to your spring ambiance and use decorative lampshades to add another element of color inside, refreshing your home.

3.More the Merrier:

Nothing is better than spending time with family and friends. Always be prepared for impromptu gatherings both indoors and out by positioning chairs and couches in a circle, allowing people to face each other. A rolling bar cart with extra napkins, cups and plates is an easy way to be ready for guests, as well as keeping an extra set of stackable armchairs handy, making room for more.

4.Bring It Outside:

As the weather starts to warm up, bring the comfort of your living room outside. Create the perfect outdoor space with a sofa and colorful cushions. A matching dining table and chairs will encourage outdoor soirees and dinner parties all season long. Relaxing furniture, like sun loungers and armchairs, can help make the most of your outdoor space, allowing yourself to enjoy the comfort of a living room outside.

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