Knit-y Gritty Knitters Update

Last month TCL reporter Kristen Haubrich introduced us to the “Knit-y Gritty Knitters,” a knitting group that uses their skills to bring comfort to patients on kidney dialysis. Today, Kristen brings us an impressive update on their story.

Directions for Arm Warmers:

Knit Dialysis Arm Warmers (sleeves)


–  4-ply soft yarn
–  Needle sizes:  8 and 5

Starting with elbow-cuff

Using #8 needles, cast on 33 stitches
Switch to #5 needles for entire cuff
K-3, P-1 across to last stitch (K last stitch)
Repeat for 2”

Body of Sleeve

Switch to #8 needles
(R)     K-1 across
(W)   P-1 across
Repeat for 7”  (alternating K and P rows)


Switch back to #5 needles
K-3, P-1 across to last stitch (K last stitch)
Repeat for 4”
Bind off loosely using #8 needles.

Side Seam

Leave 1 ½” opening near top of wrist-cuff for thumb hole.


Most of the dialysis patients want the sleeves in pairs.  Some will use just a single one.
All of the patients who use the sleeves strongly prefer them with the thumb hole.
The K-3, P-1 for the cuffs is not mandatory. Some knitters prefer K-2, P-2 (or whatever).
Bright colors and designs are encouraged.
Having fun knitting these is required.

2021                                                                                                    SLP Knit-y Gritty Knitters

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