DIY Wrapping, Tags and Cards

Donna Erickson, lifestyle columnist for the Pioneer Press, stopped by with her ideas for DIY gift wrap – perfect for your next birthday celebration.

Donna’s ideas are below:

FABRIC WRAP-UPS If one of the birthday gifts is fabric, use it as the wrapping. For example, use the TCL polka dot beach towel from 2015 as wrap folded like a flag with summer fun birthday items tucked in a crease: sunglasses, flip flops, TCL water bottle, bouquet of daisies. Other ideas include a kitchen towel tied around a cookbook, blanket around a onesie for a baby shower, funky 50’s table cloth around a picnic basket, scarf around a box of pearls, etc CREATIVE PAPER WRAP Calendar Wrap Wrap in black and white classic Stendig calendar. Circle the “21” with bright marker for the package…in this case. TCL’s April 21 birthday. “Fast Track” wrapping paper Get kids involved by running a racecar dipped in paint on a sheet of paper. Photo Scan wrap Show multiple prints of a photo in black and white of birthday person. Show final wrapped boxes of the wrap colored with markers and watercolors. Andy Warhol look on one of them. NATURE WRAPS IT UP A bouquet of spring blossoms and flowers is a standard birthday gift this time of year, but the wrapping doesn’t have to be ho hum paper/plastic from the florist or grocery store.

  • Minnesota birch bark from a lake cabin woodpile “wrapped” around a vase. Click battery mini lights wrapped around branches.
  • Birch bark gift tags
  • Birch bark wrap works great for covering potted plants

TAGS AND CARDS I don’t toss my holiday cards or old birthday cards. Recycle them into tags by punching out circles of photos or themes with round 2-½ inch punch. Easy and practical. Personalized card Use photos on your phone or computer for personalized card. For example, make birthday card of photo with printing “Happy Birthday” on it done at Walgreen’s. Lots of options online. Go through photos on computer and release them into use. Make personalized birthday cards of memorial times together with a group of friends with “Happy Birthday” printed on them. Print them out for a yr. and they’re ready for a birthday. Other occasions like “Happy Easter” with a photo of the family from last year, “Mother’s Day” for a new mom, etc.

Read Donna’s weekly column at the Pioneer Press by clicking here. And visit her “Donna’s Day” Facebook page by clicking here.

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