Knit-y Gritty Knitters

A knitting group out of St. Louis Park is taking their hobby to the next level.  The Knit-y Gritty Knitters create colorful arm warmers and donate them to patients in kidney failure, as they often feel cold during dialysis treatments.  Reporter Kristin Haubrich shares the story.

Click here for information on the National Kidney Foundation walk.


Directions for Arm Warmers:

                 Knit Dialysis Arm Warmers (sleeves)


–  4-ply soft yarn
–  Needle sizes:  8 and 5

          Starting with elbow-cuff

Using #8 needles, cast on 33 stitches
Switch to #5 needles for entire cuff
K-3, P-1 across to last stitch (K last stitch)
Repeat for 2”

          Body of Sleeve

Switch to #8 needles
(R)     K-1 across
(W)   P-1 across
Repeat for 7”  (alternating K and P rows)


Switch back to #5 needles
K-3, P-1 across to last stitch (K last stitch)
Repeat for 4”
Bind off loosely using #8 needles.

          Side Seam

Leave 1 ½” opening near top of wrist-cuff for thumb hole.


  • Most of the dialysis patients want the sleeves in pairs.  Some will use just a single one.
  • All of the patients who use the sleeves strongly prefer them with the thumb hole.
  • The K-3, P-1 for the cuffs is not mandatory. Some knitters prefer K-2, P-2 (or whatever).
  • Bright colors and designs are encouraged.
  • Having fun knitting these is required.

2021                                                                                                    SLP Knit-y Gritty Knitters

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