“West Side Story” at the Ordway

It’s the modern day “Romeo and Juliet”. “West Side Story” takes place in New York city in the 1950’s. Two people who fall in love find themselves caught between rival gangs. Drama ensues as they try to survive hate and violence.

The music is iconic and the show will certainly grab your attention. TCL Reporter Emily Engberg gets some dance lessons from some of the actors. The moves for the song “Cool” are definitely memorable. Actor Tyler Michaels says he performed this show in high school. He’s happy to be back for this run in St. Paul. It’s his first time performing on the Ordway’s stage. The Bloomington native calls it special and says it’s definitely a thrill.

“West Side Story” runs through April 16, 2017 at the Ordway. For more information on the show, including ticket information, click here.

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