OARR: Observe vs. Absorb, Respond vs. React

Back to school means something very different this year and based on what parents, students and teachers experienced in the last 18 months, we want to give you some fresh tips that will have a larger impact than the latest styles in backpacks.

Life Coach Barbara Churchill created a tool to help deal with difficult situations and is seeing amazing results.  O.A.R.R. stands for Observe vs Absorb, Respond vs React.

When we’re in a high-stress situation at work or at home, most often we absorb and react. AND most often that result isn’t what we want. Learning to pause, breathe and observe the situation first, calms the mind and creates the space to craft a response that is more effective.  Modeling this for your kids will show them how it’s possible to manage situations by managing your thinking around them.


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