DIY Spring Decor

Owner of Upsy-Daisy in White Bear Lake, Danielle Rode, stopped by with some fun DIY spring decor ideas.

Decoupaged Eggs 
Faux Eggs
Small feathers
Mod Podge

1. Paste down a feather with mod podge using a small paint brush.
2. Let dry.
3. Apply a second coat.

Framed Nest
Photo frame
Bird nest with eggs
Decorative paper
Paint brush
Hot glue gun


1. Remove the glass from your frame and give the frame a coat of paint. We used Country Chic Paint, any décor paint will work.
2. Cut your decorative paper to the size of the glass and insert the paper (rather than the glass) into the frame and reassemble the backing.
3. You can use your bird nest as you found it at the craft store, or you can embellish it more with moss and feathers.
4. Apply a generous amount of hot glue to the back of the nest.
5. Hold the nest firmly to the frame until the hot glue is set.
6. Add a ribbon with hot glue to tie a bow and hang your finished project.

Reclaimed Bunny

Scrap wood – baseboards, trim, etc
Plywood/backing board
Wood glue or liquid nails

1.Start with a bunny template (on paper)
2. Arrange the reclaimed wood in the pattern you desire. Trace the bunny onto the reclaimed wood.
3. Trace bunny feet onto a heavier piece of wood.
4. Cut the bunny and feet (traced onto the boards) with a jig saw.
5. Sand out all of the rough edges and paint.
6. Line up the cut boards on top of the backing board and trace the bunny shape.
7. Cut the bunny shape (on backing board) with jig saw.
8. Use wood glue or liquid nails to glue all the wood pieces on the backing board and allow to completely dry. (note: if you want to be sure wood is completely secure, you can sink screws into the back)
9. Place the back of the feet approximately 2 1/2 inches from the back of  the body. This will allow your bunny enough stability to stand. Sink a few screws into the bottom to secure the feet in place.

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