Tone and Stroller Workout

It can be exhausting taking care of a newborn or chasing down your toddlers, which makes finding the time to exercise a big challenge! But Mamas know how to multi-task like an expert, so the next time you’re on a walk or a run with your baby stroller, try this! Food and Fitness Blogger of Nourish Move Love, Lindsey Bomgren explains.

Run and Tone Stroller Workout

  1. Lunge + knee drive — 20 reps {10 reps per leg}
  2. Relevè chair squats — 20 reps
  3. Lunge + rear leg lift — 20 reps {10 reps per leg}
  4. Side leg lift + oblique crunch — 20 reps {10 reps per side}
  5. Warrior 3 + knee drive — 20 reps {10 reps per leg}
  6. Standing glute stamps — 20 reps {10 reps per leg}

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