Debunking Garden Myths

Garden expert Larry Pfarr joins us to debunk some of the myths surrounding gardening.

Myth 1:  Throwing eggshells, Epsom salts, banana peels in the hole when planting tomato plants will prevent blossom end rot.

Myth 2:  Picking a tomato before it’s 100% ripe will leave it tasteless like store bought.

Myth 3:  Coffee grounds will acidify your soil to help grow blueberries and turning hydrangeas blue.

Myth 4:  The best way to increase drainage in your indoor and outdoor containers is to add a layer of rocks, Styrofoam peanuts, etc. to the bottom of your container.

Myth 5:  It’s really important to set humidity loving plants on a tray of rocks or pebbles and add water, which increase humidity around the plant.

Myth 6: The best way to prevent overwatering plants is to wait for them to wilt before watering.

Myth 7:  Wood chips and mulch will deplete the nitrogen levels in your soil.

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