Be well with TCL: Silhouette Instalift

Last year plastic surgeons performed 1.8 million surgical procedures, and not surprising facelifts were among the top 5. If you’ve even thought about going under the knife, consider this; There’s a new treatment that involves no incisions, no anesthesia, very minimal downtime and It takes only 45 minutes.

In this Be Well with TCL, Kelli Hanson says introduces us to the Silhouette Instalift. She takes us to Contour Clinic in Burnsville to see how it works.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average facelift can cost over $7000. The Instalift procedure is determined by the number of sutures that are used! For example, six sutures starts at $2400 (regularly priced at $3000). Contour Clinic is offering TCL viewers their member pricing so don’t forget to mention TCL when making your appointment.

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