Custom One Homes: Cottages of Stonemill Farms

We all want convenience, style and luxury when it comes to our homes. That is certainly true for the baby boomer generation. Todd Polifka from Custom One Homes says they are seeing more and more families who are downsizing, but they don’t want to lose the amenities. In fact, in many cases, they are gaining them.

Custom One Homes is working on its last phase of new construction in the Cottages of Stonemill Farms in Woodbury. The development is all about offering options for people who want to build the home of their dreams. They can downsize, but they aren’t skimping on the things they want.

Todd says they are seeing a lot of trends that include open layouts, game areas and big family rooms. When families visit, there’s plenty of space for people to spend time together. Products that last such as siding and decking are made to withstand Minnesota’s tough winters. There won’t be painting or refinishing every season. That’s a huge area that many people are focusing on as a must have.

Stonemill Farms is attractive for people because of its no snow, no mow services. You don’t have to do the work. You also get close access to the community pool, splash pad, movie theatre and community center. Todd says that’s huge for folks who are aging and don’t want to worry about spending time fixing things. They’d rather spend time enjoying life and their families and friends.

Technology is also a focus on many of these new builds. If you travel to the warmer climates in the winter, no problem. You can control many of the homes options right from your phone. You can also get the latest in technology in the kitchen, in security and more.

To learn more about Custom One Homes and its new construction, including Stonemill Farms in Woodbury, click here.

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