How to Break the Habit of Procrastination

If you find yourself putting off an important task then you’re not alone. Tomorrow becomes next week, next week turns into next month and so on. Life Coach Barbara Churchill stopped by to help you break the procrastination habit.
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TED Talk by Tim Urban on Inside the Procrastinator’s Brain:
Rational Decision Maker
Instant Gratification Monkey
Panic Monster

How to break the habit:
1. Take Action! Do one thing that will move the project forward no matter how small. When you do that, you’ll feel good about that small achievement and be motivated to do more.
2. Look at the project as a whole, then chunk it down into smaller pieces and plan each with your calendar. Commit to yourself you’ll do each part at the time it’s scheduled.
3. Grab a buddy – Enlist the help of a friend or colleague to keep you on track and cheer you on.
4. Download the The Procraster App.

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