Treasure Island Resort and Casino

Treasure Island Resort and Casino is just a short drive from the cities and yet it feels like a fun vacation. And this is the time to check out all of the fun. Treasure Island is a hot spot this summer. They have a newly renovated outdoor amphitheater. There are upgraded seats with a lot more space. There’s a ton of great bands on tap, including Train, Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker, and Kid Rock. Comedian Amy Schumer will be there in September. Don’t worry about getting food ahead of time. The shows also feature food trucks.

In addition to the upgraded concert space, the hotel’s rooms have been remodeled. They have added more rooms, too. That means, planning a night or a weekend away. Go to a concert and don’t worry about driving home.

There is so much to do at Treasure Island. There’s the casino, but there’s also a bowling alley, kids area, indoor water park, a RV Park and campground and a marina. You can find something for your entire crew. It’s truly a destination for folks looking for all sorts of fun less than an hour from the cities.

To learn more, including information on the summer concerts, click here.

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