Spruce Up Your Patio

If the beautiful weather last weekend had you itching to get your patio all ready for summer, and flowers in those pots, here are some fun ways to spruce things up a bit and upcycle while doing it! Owner of Upsy-Daisy and DIY expert Danielle Rode stopped by with unique ideas!

Piece # 1: Coffee table

  • Tools/Material:
  • Power Tools: jig saw
  • Painting: Country Chic Paint and glaze – paint brush, shop rag, sandpaper
  • Planting: no drainage holes, so create reservoir with rocks at bottom of pan and then plant as you normally would.
  • Steps to upcycle this piece:
    1. Cut holes in the top of the table using a jig saw.
    2. Painted the entire piece using Country Chic Paint’s All-in-One paint. (No priming or sanding required before painting. This paint is mud-based and has a super adhesion quality. VOC free,)
    3. Distressed and glazed the piece to bring out the details.
    4. Planted directly in the serving pans
    5. Inserted serving pans into table. Note: Could also put ice and beverages into these pans.

Piece #2: Red wagon and Table

  • Tools/Material:
    • Power Tools: drill
    • Painting: Country Chic Paint – paint brush, sandpaper
    • Planting: succulent planting soil, rocks, top dressing
  • Steps to upcycle this piece:
  1. First we painted our table using Country Chic Paint’s All-in-One formula.
  2. Next we removed the wheels and handle from the wagon.
  3. Then we fastened the wagon to our table.
  4. Last, we planted directly into the wagon. Layered the bottom with rocks to help with drainage and used a special soil mix for succulents.

Piece #3: Old desk drawers upcycled into planters

  • Description: We used three old desk drawers and porch spindles to create a unique planter.
    • Tools/Material:
    • Painting: Country Chic Paint’s All-in-One formula
    • Power tools: drill
    • Planting material
  • Steps to upcycle this piece:
    • Painted and distressed the drawers and spindle.
    • Drilled in drainage holes at bottom of drawers
    • Assembled the three and used the spindles as legs.
    • Cover drainage holes with mesh or coffee liners so soil doesn’t fall through
    • Plant away!
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