Good Company: Sun Country Airlines

Minnesota’s hometown airline is celebrating some of the state’s best lakes. Sun Country Airlines has kicked off what’s called the Hometown Lakes Project. Each plane has a featured custom lake theme picture designed by Minnesota artist Mark Herman. The art work also showcases the lake’s name. You can see them on the side of each plane and inside.

Sun Country Airlines has a lot of pride for its state. The company started 35 years ago. It’s first flight took off 34 years ago in January of 1983. Sun Country was started by a group of flight attendants and pilots. Today, there are around 1,800 employees. Sun Country’s Kelsey Dodson-Smith says it’s the people that have helped grow this company and it’s definitely like family.

Sun Country travels to forty destinations. It’s newest spots are Austin, Texas and Santa Rosa/Sonoma County, California.

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