Mia Hamm Comes to Minnesota

This week the town of Blaine has been just a bit busy with over 15,000 soccer players and their fans making their way to town for the USA Cup. It’s a tournament that brings in kids as young as 8 from all over the world. They come to play games, but also to meet their idols. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson got a chance to chat with one of those soccer icons, Mia Hamm.

Mia is in town partnering with Minnesota based Schwan’s. Schwan’s Cares fundraising program helped athletes at the tournament raise money to get to Minnesota and pay for tournament fees. While Mia was in town she helped present a check to a team from Oklahoma City.

While Mia never played at the USA Cup, she did play at the National Sports Center in Blaine 6 times. In fact she scored her 150th international goal in Blaine against Australia in 2004.

Schwan’s Cares program is available for any group raising money. Learn more about the Schwan’s Care program here.

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