Stop Apologizing So Much

Do you find yourself constantly saying, “I’m sorry”?  Even when you don’t really have anything to apologize for, it’s easy to throw that in your conversation.  Author, Professional Speaker, and Personal Coach James Robilotta says you really need to stop doing that – and he explains why.

  1. What the problem is:  When we apologize too much in normal conversations it is implying:
    1.  Diminishes the value of the word “sorry”
    2. Makes others question you
    3. Makes you question yourself, and lowers your self-esteem
  1. Why it matters
    1. You are allowed to feel what you feel
    2. We need to give ourselves grace
    3. Your existence is not an inconvenience
  1. How to solve it
    1. Say “thank you” instead of “sorry”
    2. Pick one area to turn down your use of “sorry”
    3. Check your mindset when you leave your home in the morning
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