“Ask the Realtor” with Desrochers Realty Group

Julie and Daniel Desrochers from Desrochers Realty Group and Coldwell Banker Burnet answer your questions!

We need to do our floors. My husband just wants to do carpet again. I think we should do laminate wood floors throughout the upstairs. Which is better? – Valerie Depends on the house and price range and the other flooring material in the house. If upstairs means bedrooms carpet is probably going to be less expensive than hardwood floors so if you are doing this for re-sale we would most likely suggest carpet again. Seems like a lot of people like the comfort of carpet in a bedroom. An option would be to carpet the bedrooms but do the hallway in hardwoods or laminate. If we are talking about the living areas of a house then this really does depend on the price range of the home. Hardwoods floors are popular for living areas, kitchens and main floor hallways but sometimes the price range of house does not support this. Laminate would be a way to get this look and not spend as much money and there are a lot of great laminate’s that look like hardwood floors for half the cost. An appraiser told me that the best way to increase the value of your home is to update your kitchen! Paired with is the kitchen worth doing? – Robin This is also depends on your house, price range and how updated the rest of it is. We would say first and foremost we see the most return on things like paint, flooring and fixtures. After this if you are wanting to remodel something, yes the Kitchen is most often times the way to go as it is usually the most important feature of a home to a buyer. That being said there are better bang for the buck updates to do a kitchen if you don’t want to re-do the whole thing. You could focus on things like updating appliances, counter tops, adding backsplash and painting cabinets. We have an awfully small laundry room. It’s nonfunctional. Our washer/dryer are stacked and are so close to the door We had to remove the door to the room. There’s no room or budget to expand either. It’s my least favorite room, but I’m in it multiple times a day. – Megan In this situation if there is no way to expand and no budget to make any changes unfortunately Megan is probably going to have to keep their laundry room as is. If there is some room in the budget a lot of times we can find another area in the home to relocate the laundry to. Maybe there is another room that can re-purposed as a laundry room. Maybe the laundry can be moved to another level of the home. If it’s currently on the main level maybe you could move it up or down. Sometimes there is enough room in a master closet to move the laundry to there, or have an additional laundry room in the master closet to alleviate the amount of use the other laundry room is getting. Common Question: When listing should I price my home higher to leave room for negotiations? Most of the time no. You want to list your home competitively so multiple parties are motivated to write offers. If you list your house too high and it sits on the market for too long people may think there is something wrong with it and not even make an offer. If a buyer is interested in two homes and they are both comparable but one is priced lower than the other they are naturally going to make an offer on the lower priced home. If you are always higher than comparable homes buyers are going to continue to put offers in on the better priced home and skip yours. Most buyers do not like to negotiate a lot or feel they are going to offend the sellers if they come in too low.

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