TCL In Your Town Blaine: National Sports Center Velodrome

The National Sports Center in Blaine is host to all sorts of events, including the Schwan’s USA Cup Soccer Tournament. It attracts athletes and fans from all over the world. There’s another sport that brings in fans who are looking for speed. And we mean speed. How about forty miles an hour for some athletes on a bike, racing around a track. The walls on the track go up several degrees and will certainly give you a thrill, whether you’re riding or watching.

The Velodrome has been around for thirty years. It’s a sport that athletes say keeps them in shape, motivated and determined to ride. The Velodrome isn’t just for the cyclists. Fans can come out and watch on Thursday nights. They also plan special events. August 24 and 25, the Fixed Gear Classic returns. For those who are intrigued by the sport and want to give it a try themselves, there are also lessons. Don’t have a bike? No problem. You can rent one. Just bring a helmet.

The Velodrome has this season and next and then it will be torn down. The track is made of wood and will no longer be usable soon. The hope is to get a new track, but it’s all about the funding. The team is hoping to get a corporate sponsor and more financial support soon. The goal is to get a brand new track built.

To learn more about the Velodrome, including ways to donate, click here.

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