DIY Pet Projects

We’ve done a lot of DIY segments here on the show, always projects for people though. We thought our furry four legged friends need some love too and leave it up to DIY-expert Danielle Rode to create something just for man’s best friend.

Dog Feeding Station

• Wood box or storage chest
• 2 dog bowls
• Drill
• Jigsaw
• Sandpaper
• pencil
• paint or stain
• Urethane
• Storage bin How to:

To cut holes:
1. Turn the dog bowls upside down in place where you want the holes. Trace the rim with a pencil.
2. Use a drill and place a hole inside the circle.
3. Insert your jigsaw blade at the point of your hole and cut out circles. They will need to be cut to the diameter of the bowl and not lip – so be sure to cut your holes smaller than the circle you traced.

Finish your piece:
1. Sand the circle cuts.
2. Stain or paint your box.
3. Seal with urethane (we used Helsman Spar Urethane) to protect from water.
4. Once dry, place a storage bin inside for food.

Note: We used a wood storage chest that we found. You could also use a crate placed upside down if you cannot find a wood box with a lid.

Dog Walking Station

Materials needed:
• Wall Organizer of some type – we used a mirror frame, backed with plywood
• Coat hooks
• Wire baskets
• Metal bucket
• Paint, brush

How to:

1. Start with some type of wall organizer. We used an antique vanity mirror frame (minus the mirror). You could also use framed plywood, old barn wood, etc.
2. Stain or paint your organizer, if needed.
3. Screw in coat hooks along the bottom so you can hang leashes.
4. Screw in wire baskets, a metal bucket, etc. to give storage areas for toys, treats, doggie bags, etc.

DIY Dog Toys

Materials needed:
• Cotton blend T-shirts
• Sweatshirts
• scissors
• Tennis ball
• Drill How to:

Without tennis ball:
1. Lay out your t-shirts one at a time.
2. Cut them across into approximately one inch strips.
3. Braid the strips into a simple braid.
4. Once you are done braiding, separate the ends at each end of the braid into two sections (instead of three) and tie a few knots together to tie off the ends.

With tennis ball:
1. Drill a hole through the top and bottom of a tennis ball.
2. Cut your t-shirt strips (9-12 strips)
3. Braid the strips into a simple braid.
4. Slip the braid through the tennis ball and knot the ends.

Note: for a big toy, you could use 3 t-shirts, for a medium toy in will take two shirts and for a small toy, only one shirt.
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