Coffee with Cool People: Keith Rice

If you’ve seen a show at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, chances are you’ve seen Keith Rice on stage. With 47 credits to his name at the West Metro venue, Rice has made more than just a name for himself. He’s legendary. The actor’s unmistakeable intensity was on display when he chatted with Twin Cities Live host Steve Patterson for the series “Coffee with Cool People”, presented by Caribou Coffee.

His love for acting is plain to see, but it’s not all fun and games. When asked if he ever breaks up on stage, losing himself in a fit of laughter, he claimed to take no delight in those moments. To him, moments like that rob the audience of an authentic performance, as the actor’s job is to be fully immersed in the role they’ve been challenged to bring to life. But that being said, he sure knows how to make the audience laugh, with a delivery that is quintessentially Keith.

When he’s not working on stage, Rice loves to unwind in his garden. Well, actually it’s his wife’s garden, but she let’s Keith play in it. Watching him talk about his time spent out there is like watching a wind-up toy go. He comes alive! Which makes his next admission even more surprising. When not in the garden, you’re likely to find him tucked away playing video games inside. Really. And he doesn’t just have one game system. He’s got just about all of them. A well-balanced individual, fully in touch with the arts, nature and, well, video games.

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