The Making of a Mermaid: Emily as a Mermaid at SEA LIFE MN

SEA LIFE Minnesota at Mall of America is a place where you get to experience and discover the underwater world. You can see all sorts of sea life up close. Well, now there’s something new. SEA LIFE is playing host to mermaids!

The mermaids swim within the aquarium’s fish tank that also includes sea turtles and sharks! Guests can see the mermaids through the glass, but before they swim, the mermaids meet with kids. They will even take pictures during the meet and greet.

The mermaids are friendly, fun and certainly intriguing. They are so interesting that TCL reporter Emily Engberg wanted to become one. Emily learned how to grow a fin, how to dress properly and of course, met up with some of her new fish friends.

If you’d like to meet the mermaids at SEA LIFE they are there every Thursday through Sunday until August 5, 2018.

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