Spring Crafts

Now that the weather is nice, get out for a SCREEN FREE DAY of Creativity & Connection!  Jen Appleberry from Appleberry’s Attic has some fun projects.

Appleberry’s Attic Walk In Workshops are the 2nd and 4th Thursday – Saturday of every month!

Walk in Workshops are great because:

* You choose your own project from an array of DIY options.
* You can create with us and our lovely staff or take it To-Go!
* All the materials you need are included
* They are Kid Friendly & No Registrations is required
* Projects range from $10 – $40 and are great for all skill levels.
* And again…. They are SCREEN FREE!


Material List for the Flower Block:

* Scrap Block of Wood or even a Square Canvas would work!
* Coffee Filters
* Felt or Cardboard
* Paint
* Glue
* Fun Extra’s like Buttons or Gems


* Start off by painting your block. All sides and surfaces. Set off to the side to dry.

* While the block dries, start folding/scrunching your coffee filters to make individual petals.

* Once you have enough petals folded, start gluing them onto your dry block.

* Cut out a piece of Felt/Cardboard in a circle to make the middle of the flower. Glue in middle of flower.

* Add any extra’s like buttons to decorate the middle of the flower or even the block.


You can find Appleberry’s Attic on Facebook, Instagram, YOUTUBE, or their website at www.appleberrysatticcrafts.com

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