Be Well with TCL: MiraDry

A warm Minnesota summer means you’re going to sweat…a lot. But if you’re sweating through your shirts all year long, pitting them out and often throwing shirts away, you could be a candidate for a treatment called MiraDry. It’s a non-invasive treatment that reduces the amount of sweat you produce in the underarm area, helping you stay clean and dry all day long. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson found the treatment at SpaVie in Plymouth. There she met a Wisconsin mom who says this treatment has changed her life forever.

Learn more about how MiraDry works here.

A few perks of MiraDry – you may not need to wear deodorant as much, or at all. And the treatment could reduce the amount hair growth under your arms. Kelli was so interested in the procedure, she had it done herself! Kelli says not only does she not sweat under her arms anymore, she hasn’t had to wear deoderant since getting the procedure done!

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