Keeping Teens Productive This Summer From Invisalign

The summer is a great time to get teens involved in volunteering or summer jobs. It’s also a great time to get their teeth aligned with Invisalign Clear Aligners! Parenting Consumer Expert Cassie Slane stopped by with advice on keeping teens productive. Invisalign® clear aligners, an alternative to metal braces, are proven to fix teen smiles. The clear aligners are virtually invisible and removable, as well as customized for your teen by an Invisalign-trained doctor guiding the personal treatment journey. For more information and to find a doctor near you, visit
Cassie’s advice is below! Summer Job – Nothing feels better than working hard and earning that first paycheck. A job requires your teen to show up ready to work in order to earn their paycheck. That money gives them a sense of independence, purpose, and self-worth. There is no better way to boost your teen’s confidence than to give them a little taste of financial independence. Check out a summer job fair in your local area. Setting Up Needed Appointments – This is the time to set up all of the needed appointments for your teen including a haircut, eye exam and annual physical. I also think summer is the best time to deal with your teen’s teeth straightening treatment, since it gives them time to adjust to the changes before school starts. My girls are not quite ready for teeth straightening yet, but I’m definitely putting them in Invisalign clear aligners when it’s time. I’m in treatment now and I recommend the aligners to any mom who is in the process of determining what teeth straightening treatment would be best for their teen. The Invisalign treatment is the original and most technically advanced clear aligner system in the world. It can fix simple to complex teen cases and it’s proven to work. Its virtually invisible and removable and teens don’t have to worry about mouth injuries from brackets and wires. Your teen can enjoy their activities, food like pizza or popcorn, and most importantly, smile and look like themselves throughout treatment. Apprenticeship – If your teen has a talent or skill, the summer is a great time to perfect it. There are many companies where your teen can intern or take classes in exchange for working. My friend’s daughter loves nature and helped at a conservancy to help injured wildlife. She absolutely loved it and will probably go back next year for a paid summer position. Look on websites like LinkedIn and your local community Facebook page to find local internships in your area. Community Service – Giving back to the community is always a wonderful character builder for any teen. Knowing that your time, effort, or even just your smile is helping someone less fortunate is wonderful way to feel good about yourself and your skills. Encourage your teen to volunteer to help through your local community programs. It will be an experience they never forget. My kids volunteer and donate at our local food bank. Find local volunteer opportunities on websites like Volunteer Match.

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