Good Company: Electric Fetus

If you’re into music, whether it’s vinyl or CDs or a free concert, then you’ve heard of Electric Fetus. The record store has been around since the decade that some say changed the nation. And even with new ownership, sales are as strong as ever. Twin Cities Live Reporter Kelli Hanson takes us inside this iconic spot in Minneapolis where regular folks and celebrity musicians can shop side by side.

While Kelli was in the store she met regulars, Phyllis and Carl Peterson. Carl has shopped at Electric Fetus since 1975…back then making it to the store once a week. Now he and his wife stop by every other week, and because Carl is blind, Phyllis makes sure to read the lists to him so he can pick out new music.

It’s customers like these that Stephanie and Aaron Meyerring say dictate everything they sell. Stephanie’s father owned the store and he has since retired. The two tell Kelli that they love that the Electric Fetus has become a place for customers like the Petersons, but also celebrity musicians. Prince made a stop at the record store just a few days before he died. Ringo Starr wore an Electric Fetus t-shirt on stage, accepting his Grammy in 2010 and artists like Bonnie Rait have played live shows in store.

The Fetus has in-store performances happening all the time and now through August 5th you can sell them your old records. Click here for all the details.

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